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More than 10 million Americans suffer from chronic tendon pain that impacts daily activities, from routine repetitive movements to sport activities. Now, there is a faster, easier way to experience relief without enduring cortisone shots, months of physical therapy, or traditional surgery.

Tenex Laser TreatmentAbout Tenex Ultrasound

Tenex is an FDA-approved breakthrough technology for those suffering from chronic foot, heel, or ankle tendon damage or problems resulting from diabetes. The Tenex process uses ultrasound imaging to view and remove damaged tissue and, thus, provides pain relief. Developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, Tenex is minimally invasive, precise, speeds recovery time, and over 20 scientific studies have proven high success rates.

Chronic tendon damage can occur immediately  from an injury or over time from repetitive motions doing daily routines. This type of tendon damage, including Achilles tendonitis, responds very favorably to Tenex ultrasound treatment. Also, Tenex treatment offers pain relief for Additionally, treatment for conditions like plantar fasciitis or diabetic foot ulcers.



Tenex is minimally invasive and does not require conventional surgery, stitches, or general anesthesia. It is SAFE and EFFECTIVE. Key benefits include:

  1. Precisely targets problem area
  2. Predictably effective within 1 to 3 months
  3. Selective, targets damaged tissue and leaves healthy tissue unharmed
  4. Fast pain relief
  5. Speedier return to normal activities
  6. Avoidance of general anesthesia and conventional surgery
  7. Small incision with no stitches for less scarring
  8. Overall decreased cost of care

Bottom line – quicker recovery time!

Clinical studies have proven, for example, that patient recovery time averages 6 to 8 WEEKS for treating chronic tendon pain compared to 7 to 8 MONTHS for conventional surgery.



Ideal candidates are those who have sought prior treatment, including steroid injections, rest, immobilization, and physical therapy with little or no pain relief.



Tenex Laser Treatment

The process is conducted in an outpatient setting and takes about 30 minutes. A local anesthetic is given, then ultrasound imaging identifies the damaged scar tissue within the tendon. A small incision is made along the affected area utilizing a small instrument with a needle-like point. High frequency vibrations break up the scar tissue.

The instrument uses ultrasound technology that is designed to target damaged tissue while avoiding healthy cells. The Tenex system gently breaks up then removes scar tissue. The incision is small so it is closed with an adhesive bandage, thus avoiding stitches and scarring from stitches.

The majority of patients drive themselves home. The recovery period last 4 – 6 weeks. Many say they feel little or no pain during treatment. And relief occurs more quickly than traditional general anesthesia surgery at a lower overall cost of care and quicker return to activities.

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