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Swift Microwave Therapy - Wart Removal at The Foot Doctors of KC

Say Goodbye To Stubborn Plantar Foot Warts

Are you tired of dealing with pesky warts?  The Foot Doctors of KC are pleased to offer patients the most advanced technology for foot, heel, and ankle problems. Introducing Swift Microwave Therapy, a new FDA-cleared technology that has proven highly effective in the removal of plantar warts.


What Causes Warts

Plantar warts are a common, stubborn viral infection occurring on the heel or other weight-bearing areas of the foot. They are typically quite painful as the pressure from walking and standing forces them to grow into the skin. Like all warts, plantar warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). Underneath the skin, these warts can have fingerlike roots that make them difficult to effectively treat from the surface. However, current common remedies are topical, such as cryotherapy (freezing) or salicylic acid (exfoliating skin cells).


Swift Microwave Therapy

What is Swift Microwave Therapy?

Swift is a cutting-edge technology that delivers low dose microwave energy through a specialized probe. It addresses the root cause of the wart by targeting HPV. A highly controlled dose of microwaves is delivered to the site of the virus. This circumvents the problem of treating them topically by delivering the microwave to areas beneath the skin. Water molecules within the affected tissue begin colliding and creating localized heat energy, triggering a natural response within the body that unmasks, i.e., breaks down, the virus.

The microwaves are a form of non-ionizing radiation, which means they do not cause damage to the patient’s DNA. The results are excellent. In a 2017 clinical study conducted in the United Kingdom; the clearance rate of plantar warts was 75.9%. This compares to a clearance rate of 23 – 33% for cryotherapy or salicylic acid.


Plantar Foot Wart Treatment Process

Treatment protocol involves 3 – 4 treatments, spaced apart in 4-week intervals. Each treatment lasts 5 – 10 minutes. There is limited debridement (removal of dead skin), no skin breakage, and no bandages. Most patients typically feel some level of discomfort as infected tissue temperature elevates. Patients can resume daily activities immediately following treatment.


Plantar Foot Wart Treatment Benefits

In addition to superior results of Swift Microwave Therapy versus the traditional methods of freezing or salicylic acid, there is no down time nor pain following treatment. That is because there is no trauma to the skin which means no blisters and no scarring. Patients can resume their daily activities immediately following treatment.


Reasons To Make An Appointment With US

If experiencing any of the following symptoms, please call us for an appointment so we can determine if Swift Microwave Therapy is right for you.

  • Feeling of painful pebbles when wearing shoes
  • Pain experienced when compressing sides of the wart
  • Circular flat spot on the skin is visible with a depressed area in the middle
  • Area appears yellowed with a crust or has small black dots
  • Lesion is painful, bleeding, or has changed color
  • Wart has reoccurred after past treatment
  • Poor sensation in the foot

How Swift Works – 1:00min

Swift Clinical Study – 2:44min


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